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19 Jul 2018

Your last chance to win £1,000!
Time is nearly up on our customer survey. So, hurry if you want to be in with a chance of netting yourself and your family £1,000.

We launched a survey to get the thoughts and experiences of house buyers. You’ve got until 31 July to take part.

Go to to let us have your views.

Complete our survey and we will enter you into our prize draw for a chance to win £500. Agree to a follow up interview and you will be entered in a second draw to win a further £500.

The Larkfleet Homes team is always working to develop new ways to provide the best possible products and services for our customers. We want to know what house buyers really think of the housing market and what they want from housebuilders like us.

To help us, we teamed up with First Time Buyer Magazine, What House and What Mortgage to develop and deliver this comprehensive survey to find out what you, our customer, is really looking for in a new home.

The survey covers everything from the type of property people are looking to buy or have bought (whether it’s for their own use or an investment) through to topics such as location, size and energy efficiency.

It takes less than ten minutes to complete at The survey is being managed by independent marketing company OlsenMetrix Marketing and all the data collected will be anonymous.

17 Jul 2018

What to do if you find hedgehogs in the garden

Glancing out of the kitchen window this morning we spotted a hedgehog getting busy around the lawn. It was broad daylight. Hedgehogs are nocturnal. They are active at night. They may come out at dawn and dusk when the summer nights are short to forage.

If you see one during the day, it’s either unwell, a pregnant hedgehog gathering nesting materials or a recent mum taking a break from the nest to find food and water. You can tell the difference. If it’s unwell and in distress the hedgehog will be slow moving, lethargic or appear to be sun bathing.

In these cases, you should seek expert advice. Pick up the hedgehog carefully, protecting your hands with gardening gloves. Place it carefully in a high-sided box with a towel, fleece or blanket in the bottom for it hide under. Offer meat-based (not fish) cat or dog food and water. Visit the British Hedgehog Preservation Society website for more information on what to do. There is a handy FAQ section here.

If it’s preparing a nest it will be moving around quickly and with a sense of purpose. You don’t need to do anything in this case. In the summer, food should be plentiful. In dry weather leave out water in a low dish and keep it topped up. Leave Mrs Tiggy Winkle to get on with her business and don’t disturb her.

Don’t try and move it on, especially in the breeding season.

Hedgehogs are protected, in England, Scotland and Wales, under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, Schedule 6 and in Northern Ireland under the Wildlife (NI) Order 1985, Schedules 6&7. What this means is they are: “protected from being killed or taken by certain methods under Section 11(1) of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. The methods listed are: self-locking snares, bows, crossbows, explosives (other than ammunition for a firearm), or live decoys. The species listed are also protected from the following activities: trap, snare or net, electrical device for killing or stunning, poisonous, poisoned or stupefying substances or any other gas or smoke, automatic or semi-automatic weapon, device for illuminating a target or sighting device for night shooting, artificial light, mirror or other dazzling device, sound recording, and mechanically propelled vehicle in immediate pursuit.”

There are loads of things you can do to make your garden hedgehog friendly. There are plenty of ideas here.
  • If your garden is fenced, make a hole in the fence at ground level about the size of a CD case for them to get in and out.
  • Avoid slug pellets because these are poisonous to hedgehogs.
  • Don’t be too tidy. Leave a messy corner of leaves and garden rubbish piled up for them to hide in.
  • Never leave out bread and milk for hedgehogs – this can make them very ill.

16 Jul 2018

Summer 1998 – what was hot and what was not

Larkfleet 20th Anniversary
It’s our 20th anniversary and we’re  planning some celebrations later in the year. We thought we would get the ball rolling with a look at what was happening in summer of ’98 – what was hot and what left us cold.

The average house price was round £112,000, ASBOS became a thing in 1998 and a new £2 coin came into circulation.

In sport, Pete Sampras won Wimbledon and France had just won the FIFA Wold Cup – beating Brazil 3-0. Sound familiar?

Three Lions ’98 had a three-week stint in the charts – at least until England came home. This summer has had a familiar ring about it. The Spice Girls, Boyzone and All Saints were all hot while the album chart was dominated by the Corrs and their album Talk on Corners.

Saving Private Ryan, Spielberg’s movie about the D-Day landings, was taking cinema audiences by storm, there was Something About Mary and Marvel’s The Avengers assembled on the big screen for the first time.

Unfortunately, the summer weather in 1998 was not quite as nice as it has been so far this year. Summer 1998 was one of the coldest, dullest summers on record for the UK. June and July were also noted as the second wettest combination of months since records began in 1869!

Due to the weather more of us than usual jetted off in search of the sun. Over 50 million visits abroad were made in 1998. The vast bulk of these trips were package holiday flights to Spain, Turkey and Greece.

It seems that this year is a little different and more of us than ever before are staying at home and making the most of what the UK has to offer.

16 Jul 2018

Festival packing hacks

packing for a festival
Are you off to a music festival this summer? There’s more to getting your packing right than you might think. It’s not just about tents, wellies and alcopops.

Here are some of our top hacks for getting your festival packing right.

First off, make sure you have your ticket – you’re not getting on to the festival site without one!

Also, take photo ID, money and cards. Put these in a money belt you can wear under your clothes to keep them secure.

Make sure you have toiletries, suntan lotion and any medicines you normally need. And don’t forget the toilet paper. And talking of toilets, take some menthol rub to wipe under your nose to mask the smell of the loos, otherwise you could be holding on all weekend.

Remember to take a small first aid kit with things like painkillers and meds for dodgy stomachs. Festival food and booze could wreak havoc on your weekend.

For camping you will need a tent, roll mat and sleeping bag. Take a warm top because it can get cold at night – even in the summer. Avoid pitching your tent at the bottom of a hill. You will get flooded out if it rains and end up in a muddy swamp.

Take something unique along to decorate your pitch making your tent instantly recognisable in a sea of tents.

To help with a good night’s sleep take ear plugs and blindfold to block out the 24-hour partying.

If  bad weather is forecast, take enough changes of clothes in case you get wet. And take a lightweight waterproof jacket or coat.

Have a head torch to help you find your way round at night and take duct tape – use it for ripped tents or split wellies.

Take some camp food, cereal bars and snacks. Freeze your milk, fruit juices and water as it will stay fresher for longer in your cool box.

14 Jul 2018

Give your crib the holiday vibe

Holiday inspired interior design
You know that feeling when you’re on your holidays and you see something that catches your eye and you think it will go really well in the living room?

If you have recently been abroad and picked up a memento at a flea market you’re probably wondering what your going to do with it now you have got it home. You don’t want to get rid of it because it reminds you of what a great time you had.

To help you out we have put together some design hints to bring the holiday vibe flooding back into your home.

Give your home the Spanish treatment. Say ‘si senor’ to tiles ,decorative ceramics, light colours on walls and dark, exposed wood. Other very ‘Spanishy’ features include decorative wrought iron work, terracotta and stone floors.

Holidays in the eastern Mediterranean are ever-popular and resorts in Cyprus, Greece and Turkey dominate. Thinking about bringing  the sunny Greek or Turkish style into your home? Make it blue. Play around with shapes and buy fabrics and accessories with lots of geometric patterns. Decorate lots of blue and white and use tiles and brightly coloured ceramics.

If Italy is your thing then just go with great slinky design - think Milan fashion, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Ducati and you won’t go far wrong.

Ethnic design is popular. If you’ve been to places like Morocco and you want to evoke the sights and sounds of the casbah then decorate using bright colours, with contrasting textures and shapes. Use low level seating, geometric rugs, pouffes and cushions.

For more inspiration take a look at Houzz, Instagram and Pinterest.

13 Jul 2018

How to keep your beach body in trim this summer

holiday fitness
You know that keeping in shape is a year-round job. But in the summer, we often find ourselves under more pressure to buff up the abs and lose the bingo wings than normal. Most of us are looking forward to sunning our beach-ready bods by the sea.

You’ve got yourself into shape, but how do you keep that way? Worried that inactivity will help you pile on the pounds? Well, we’re here to help with our top tips for keeping summer fit.

Little and often – use your body weight to maintain muscle mass and definition. Sit ups, crunches, press ups and planks should all form part of a regular routine that you can do anywhere.

More cardio – when you’re out and about walk faster than you normally do and take deeper breaths.

Burpees – these can be done anywhere and will really work your whole body, giving you a cardio workout and improving your core strength at the same time.

Stay hydrated – in warmer weather it is easy to become dehydrated. This has a really negative impact on our health. Carry a reusable water bottle with you and remember to take regular sips of water. If you’re feeling thirsty you’re already dehydrated.

Swim! – while you’re away take advantage of the pool to get some exercise. And you will have nature’s biggest pool, the sea, right on your doorstep.

Eat healthily – while you’re on holiday it’s easy to eat well. Fresh veg and fish is everywhere.

Stay active – why not rent a bike or go for long walks. Not only will you be able to get a real feel for your destination, you’ll be getting fit too!

Hope you have a great holiday.

07 Jul 2018

Tempting fetes

Larkfleet Homes Baston in the Blitz
Nothing says summer in England more than a traditional village fete. A lot of people make fun of them, but we think that’s unfair. There’s plenty to enjoy at a good fete, not least beer, Pimm’s or bubbles in the refreshment tent.

You’ll almost always find a good cream tea. And then there are the thousands of ingenious ways which local charities and community groups devise to part you from your hard-earned cash. Human fruit machine anyone?

A local fete is a great way to get outside in the sun, meet people in your local community, catch up on the local gossip and have a few drinks.

Keep an out for your local parish magazine, that’s bound to have information in it about events that are happening near you.

When you’re online, check out Google, social media and Facebook for local events.

Fetes and community events aren’t always traditional though.

If you are in or around Baston in August check out the Baston in the Blitz event.

Baston in the Blitz, held on the weekend of 4th and 5th August, is a WWII extravaganza. There will be more than 60 trade stalls, some 70 display groups and over 500 WWII re-enactors putting on a 1940’s themed displays over the weekend.

As well as a thrilling battle re-enactment, there will be plenty of food and dink on offer and there are also music shows, presentations, a Punch & Judy show, a Dambusters presentation and George Formby experience among other attractions.

Visit for full details.

03 Jul 2018

Advice for a great holiday

Larkfleet Homes holiday checklist
Don’t let your holiday turn into a wet weekend. Get you and your family organised so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you get to your hotel or villa – just sit back and relax by the pool for two weeks.

To help you get into the holiday swing we have put together this handy checklist of things to do to help you prepare and have the time of your life – after all, you’ve earned it.

Before you go remember to –
  • Dig out your passport in plenty of time. Give yourself time to renew it.
  • Make sure you’ve got all the travel documents you will need such as visas. Also, check that you have a valid driving licence.
  • Renew your travel insurance and make sure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you’re going to a destination on the continent.
  • Check your baggage allowances – you don’t want to be unpacking your smalls in the check-in area because your bag is too heavy.
  • Secure your home – nothing will bring you back down to Earth more quickly after a holiday than to find that your homes has been burgled. Have a member of your family, friend or trusted neighbour keep an eye on your house.
  • Order your travel money in plenty of time. And make sure you tell your bank that you are going away to avoid the embarrassment of having card transactions declined because it thinks your card has been nicked due to unusual activity.
  • Arrange pet care and make sure you choose a reputable kennel or cattery for your pooch or moggy.
  • Pre-book any car hire and/or airport car parking.
  • Finally, select some great holiday reading – check out our recent blog post for some solid gold recommendations.
Most of the holiday tour operators have handy checklists on their websites – Thomas Cook and Tui are both good.

Happy travels from the whole Larkfleet Homes team.

02 Jul 2018

Our beach fiction picks for summer

Larkfleet Homes beach reads
As June turns into July and the school year winds down, many of us will be looking forward to jetting off to foreign parts or settling down on a beach closer to home.

Even if you’re simply spending time at home in the garden soaking up the sun what better way to pass the time than by catching up on your reading?

There are plenty of great reads out there now. Whether you’re into hard-bitten noir detective stories, historical fiction or chick lit, we have picked a few books that should definitely be in your suitcase this summer.

Larkfleet Homes beach reads Stephen King the outsider
  • The Outsider – Stephen King
  • The President is Missing – Bill Clinton and James Patterson
  • The Fallen – David Baldacci
  • The Cabin at the End of the World – Paul Tremblay
  • MacBeth – Jo Nesbo
  • Down the River unto the Sea – Walter Moseley
  • Babylon Berlin – Volker Kutscher
  • Forever and a Day – Anthony Horowitz
Michael Ondaatje Warlight Larkfleet Homes
Historical fiction 
  • Warlight – Michael Ondaatje
  • Circe – Madelaine Miller
  • The Atomic City Girls – Janet Beard
  • The Mermaid and Mrs Hancock – Imogen Hermes Gowar
  • The Burning Chambers – Kate Mosse
  • Jane Seymour: The Haunted Queen – Alison Weir
  • The Falcon of Sparta – Conn Iggulden
Fern Britton Coming Home Larkfleet Homes
  • Shelter in Place – Nora Roberts
  • The Family Gathering – Robyn Carr
  • The Good Luck Charm – Helen Hunting
  • Surprise Me – Sophie Kinsella
  • Daisy’s Vintage Cornish Camper Van – Ali McNamara
  • Crudo – Olivia Lang
  • Coming Home – Fern Britton
  • The Summer of Impossible Things – Rowan Coleman
Children of Blood and Bone Adeyemi Larkfleet Homes
Children and Young Adult
  • Children of Blood and Bone – Tomi Adeyemi
  • The Moxie – Jennifer Mathieu
  • The Start of You and Me – Emery Lord
  • Not if I Save you First – Ally Carter
  • One of us is Lying – Karen McManus
  • The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas
  • The Kissing Booth – Beth Reekles
  • Letters from the Lighthouse – Emma Carroll
  • The Legend of Podkin One-Ear – Kieran Larwood
  • See you in the Cosmos – Jack Cheng
  • The Girl Who Drank the Moon – Kelly Barnhill
  • The Book of Dust – Philip Pullman
There are some great titles in here. There’s nothing wrong with getting your books online, but if you can, and there is one where you live, do consider using your independent bookshop.

Hope you have a great time this summer.

28 Jun 2018

Backing sporting stars of the future

We have been delighted recently to be able to help young sports people through the Larkfleet Homes Community Fund.

Youngsters from across the East Midlands enjoyed a two-day feast of football backed by a cash donation from the community fund.

Larkfleet Homes Community Fund sponsored football tournament
A record number of 125 teams took part in Bourne Town Juniors annual six-a-side tournament which helps to raise much-needed funds for junior football in Bourne.

Lee Clark, fundraiser and tournament coordinator for the Bourne Town Juniors FC event, said: “The event was a great success thanks to all the teams that took part and the visitors who came to enjoy the football over the two days.

“We would like to thank Larkfleet Homes for helping with sponsorship of the event. The tournament is a big fundraiser for our club. It allows us to maintain grass roots football for children of all ages and backgrounds by enabling us to keep our player subscriptions the lowest in the area.”

We also recently handed £250 to the Stamford Rugby Club’s under-7s to help meet the costs of developing the talents of the next generation (and beyond) of rugby players.

Richard Olsen of Stamford under-7s RUFC said: “Support such as that we have received from Larkfleet helps to ensure we can provide our youngsters with the right equipment coupled with quality coaching in a safe environment. We aim to help them to develop their skills and interest in the game so that they progress through the year groups and on to the senior game.”

Karl Hick, CEO of The Larkfleet Group of Companies and a keen sportsman himself, said: “It’s really important to us that when we build new homes for people, we actually develop communities.

“Sport is a great way to bring communities together and give young people a constructive outlet for their enthusiasm and energy. We are delighted to support initiatives such as these through our community fund.”

The Larkfleet Homes Community Fund supports groups which focus on activities that enhance or develop local communities. It makes grants to charities or voluntary organisations within ten miles of any housing development by Larkfleet Homes or Allison Homes, both part of The Larkfleet Group of Companies.

Any community or voluntary group wishing to find out more about the fund can visit, telephone 01223 410535 or email

Our photo shows some of the players enjoying the atmosphere at the Bourne Town Juniors six-a-side football tournament.

28 Jun 2018

Institute of Directors honours Karl Hick

Larkfleet Homes Karl Hick
Our CEO Karl Hick has been highly commended in the Social Responsibility category in this year’s East Midlands Institute of Directors Awards.

The IoD East Midlands Director of the Year 2018 awards were hosted by the BBC’s Dominic Heale at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nottingham.

The judges were impressed by the way in which Karl has set sustainability – environmental, social and economic – at the heart of the management agenda for the Larkfleet Group of Companies.

Karl said: “We aim not only to develop an economically sustainable business but also to support local communities, invest in education both inside and outside our business, and build the highest standards of environmental protection into our products and our business practices.”

In particular, we were praised for our investment in developing new and sustainable methods of construction, our approach to training and education and the establishment of the Larkfleet Homes Community Fund.

The Larkfleet Homes Community Fund supports projects that enhance or develop local communities. Grants of up to £5,000 are available to any charitable cause or community project that operates within ten miles of any Larkfleet Homes or Allison Homes development.

Since its inception the fund has given away more than £50,000. For more information on the fund visit

In addition, The Larkfleet Group of Companies is pledged to work with suppliers, subcontractors, local colleges and others to help to plug the ‘construction industry skills gap’ by signing the Home Building Skills Pledge developed by the Home Builders Federation.

We are one of just six employer sponsors of the recently opened Greater Peterborough University Technical College (GPUTC) and have been involved in the project since its inception. Karl sits on the board of governors and several Larkfleet colleagues serve on various committees and provide practical support in a variety of teaching activities.

Karl added: “On a day-to-day basis, the outputs of all our community initiatives are reported to me and colleagues on the board of directors. We are still a small enough organisation (just over 100 staff) to permit me to take a personal interest in these issues without ‘micro managing’.

“Since starting Larkfleet in 1998 I have actively pursued environmental gains for the industry and society at large through investment in a range of exciting and forward-looking R&D projects. I wish to invest in the future of the construction industry and renewable technologies to the benefit of future generations.”

Congratulations Karl!

26 Jun 2018

Summer days out with the kids

Summer holidays kids acitvitiies
Not many are lucky enough to have a whole summer to ourselves to spend with the family and kids. Apart from a couple of weeks’ annual leave we’re only likely to get the odd day off here and there and weekends throughout the summer.

With that in mind at Larkfleet we thought it would be great idea to pull together some ideas for summer days out – some around the local area and some a bit further afield.

Get in touch with nature
Rail World Wildlife Haven, Peterborough – tucked away in Peterborough at the end of the Nene Valley Railway this attraction can give you the best of both transport history and nature.

Exotic Pet Refuge, Deeping St James – the family-run charity organisation has a monthly open day. Check out the website for details.

Lattersey Local Nature Reserve – managed by the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire Wildlife Trusts, this local gem in Whittlesey near Peterborough is a great way for kids and families to get close to nature without travelling too far.

Ferry Meadows Country Park – based around two man-made lakes there is an impressive range of facilities here and the nature reserve is tucked away in a quiet corner where you can watch birds and perhaps see an otter or two.

Sacrewell Farm, Thornhaugh, Peterborough – get back in tune with the land and the change of the seasons. There is plenty to keep your kids occupied this summer.

Get your adrenaline pumping
Santa Pod Raceway – enjoy the thrill of drag racing in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

Yarwell Mill Country Park – plan a day of adventurous activity for the kids including orienteering, archery and water sports.

Wicksteed Park, Kettering – enjoy the ride at Wicksteed Park.

Soak up some history and culture 
Peterborough Museum – learn about Peterborough’s past and modern heritage and enjoy some hands-on experiences.

John Clare Cottage – enjoy the work of rural romantic poet John Clare and learn about life in the Northamptonshire countryside in pre-industrial England.

Imperial War Museum and American Air Museum, Duxford – find out all about the history of aviation and WWII at Duxford.

Fossils Galore, March, Cambridgeshire – enjoy fossil hunting and metal detecting trips and learn about dinosaurs.

Paddle in the sea
There is some wonderful coastal scenery on the North Norfolk coast. Enjoy a traditional seaside day out at Hunstanton, Cromer or Wells-next-the-Sea.

There are also beaches and resorts on the Lincolnshire coast at Skegness, Mablethorpe and Ingoldmels for example.

Sea Life Centre – get close to coastal wildlife at the Sea Life Centre, Hunstanton.

Castle Rising, Kings Lynn – has enough of the seaside and fancy finding out about the Normans?

These are just a few of the things available in and around where we have developments. Keep an eye on the blog. We will post some more ideas throughout the summer.

And, of course, you could always visit a showhome - with or without the kids!

25 Jun 2018

Football fever – we prescribe a party

Larkfleet Homes World Cup party
It looks like World Cup fever is setting in at Larkfleet. We dare to dream that football could be coming home – especially following the England football team’s emphatic win over Panama on the weekend.

We’ll spare you all the clichés and leave commentary to the pundits. But it was eerily quiet up and down the country on Sunday afternoon as we all settled in in front of our tellies to watch the match.

And it looks like there may a few more opportunities to do that as the tournament progresses. With that in mind we thought it might be timely to have a look at some ideas for hosting a football-themed evening or BBQ so that you can enjoy the World Cup in the company of your friends and family.

Regional food and drink
Make signature dishes from your favourite participating nations. You could make a paella from Spain, salt cod from Portugal, hot tamales from Mexico – the possibilities are almost endless.

The same is true for drinks – try to find typical beers, wines and soft drinks, say Brahma beer from Brazil, wines from Australia or soft drinks like Orangina from France or Sinalco from Germany.

You could add in football-themed treats as well. Pinterest has loads of ideas including flag foods. Have a look here.

Don’t forget, there is the great British BBQ as a faithful standby.

To keep up interest in the games that don’t feature England how about running a small-stakes betting pot. There are plenty of things you can do to keep your guests entertained between matches.

The weather looks like it’s set fair for a while so why not have some party games in the garden if you have space. Hang up a piñata for the kids – they’ll love it.

Don’t worry about being ‘late to the party’. According to research only around 13 per cent of those following the tournament will switch off if England don’t progress to the final so it’s a fairly safe bet to have a party at any time during the tournament.

If you’re stuck for decoration ideas there are loads of party stores on the internet selling decorations and World Cup party packs.

Enjoy the feast of football and come on, England!

23 Jun 2018

Water features and ponds

contemporary water feature
Bored with your plain lawn and borders? Why not consider adding some interest to your garden with a water feature?

Water has long played an important part in culture dating from the ancient pools of the Celts, Roman bath houses and fountains or the pools and fonts used for Christian baptism. They can be peaceful places of refuge or an irresistible attraction for local wildlife.

There are all kinds of water feature, big or small. They can be anything – a pond, fountain, stream, cascade or waterfall. There isn’t a limit on what you can do other than the size of your plot and the depth of your pockets.

What feature you have will also depend on what you are hoping to achieve. Are you looking for a peaceful, Zen garden, a minimalist sculpture or something to help wildlife flourish?

Here are a few ideas for your own water feature. You can filter the search returns on Houzz by garden type, size and space location, landscaping and sun exposure.

Once you have chosen your feature and installed it you will need to bear in mind maintenance. Regular maintenance will keep your feature looking its best all year round.

Here are some dos and don’ts:
  • Do maintain your water levels.
  • Do clean the feature itself every four to six months.
  • Do make sure the pump is clean.
  • Don’t be tempted to switch the pump off. Keeping it running will ensure your water doesn’t stagnate and will help to keep the feature clean.
  • Don’t fill up your feature with tap water – especially in a hard water area.
  • Do use distilled water or use additives to prevent the build up of scale and algae.
  • Do drain your feature and prevent it from being filled up with rainwater during the coldest winter months.

21 Jun 2018

Stunning show home in Oakham

new home in Oakham Buttercross Park
We’re really chuffed here at Larkfleet Homes. The team over in Oakham has just opened a stunning show home at Buttercross Park.

The show home features a completely redesigned interior to reflect the latest in design and to show off the options available to customers who buy a new home in Oakham.

We could go on about the stylish living room, the beautifully relaxing bedrooms and the state-of-the-art kitchen. But we think that we should let the pictures speak for themselves.

Check out our gallery.
New home in Oakham
New home in Oakham 

The open plan kitchen and dining area makes modern living easy.
New home in Oakham

Good interior design is at the heart of the new show home.
New home in Oakham

Bedrooms are a good size, comfortable and restful.
New home in Oakham

Buttercross Park is a stunning development of new homes in Oakham within the Oakham Heights housing development on the outskirts of the town.

New home in Oakham

Larkfleet Homes offers a range of traditionally styled eco-friendly and energy efficient 2, 3, 4 and 5 bedroom properties which will suit home buyers looking for a quality home in rural surroundings.
New home in Oakham

If you are inspired to buy a new home in Oakham, then contact our sales team today. They will be delighted to help.

20 Jun 2018

Midlands house hunters compare energy costs

Canny Midlands buyers compare energy costs when house hunting but Londoners apparently don’t care about house running costs. Or so you might think looking at some recent survey results.

Taking the keys to a new home
Around 57 per cent of East Midlands buyers rate ongoing costs, such as energy bills, as ‘very important’ when they are choosing a new home compared with 51 per cent of buyers across the nation as a whole. In fact, Midlanders are more likely than those anywhere else in the country to consider the running costs of a new home when they are house-hunting.

By contrast, buyers in London are the least concerned about the running costs of their new purchase with just 36 per cent rating these as ‘very important’.

These are among the interim results from our ongoing survey into the views of house-buyers. We are continuing to offer prizes of up to £1,000 to anyone doing the online questionnaire here ( It takes less than ten minutes to complete.

Mike Holland of OlsenMetrix Marketing, which is managing the study on behalf of Larkfleet Homes, said:

“Energy costs for running a home in the East Midlands are pretty much the same as in other parts of the country but house prices are lower. The bills associated with running a house are a larger proportion of total expenditure and therefore get more attention.

“House buyers in London are far more concerned with the initial purchase price of their new home than they are with the running costs. The results do not mean that Londoners are indifferent to energy bills but these perhaps pale into insignificance when compared with mortgage repayments associated with London house prices.”

The full results of the survey are expected to be published in September when more data has been obtained.

Larkfleet Homes CEO Karl Hick said: “We remain very keen to hear from anyone currently searching for a new house or who has purchased a new house in the past twelve months.

“Whether your search and purchase involved a brand-new home or an established property, and whether you looked at a Larkfleet home or not, your views will help to shape the way we meet the needs of home buyers in the future.”

19 Jun 2018

Mid-summer party ideas

Summer solstice party drinks

This Thursday is the first day of Summer. The Summer solstice or longest day – often mis-described as mid-Summer – is an ancient day of celebration. Why not join in with your own summer solstice party?

There are plenty of beautiful places to go around the country where you can watch the sunrise. You could try Avebury, Stonehenge, Glastonbury Tor or take to the hills in the Lake District.

But we can’t all travel to watch the sunrise, so here are a few ideas to help you to mark the changing season and welcome the start of true summer at home.

  • For the most part you will be outside in the garden, weather permitting. Give your guests flower crowns to wear.
  • Have a Solstice feast – use locally sourced seasonal foods.
  • For drinks, serve refreshing light beers, a glass of chilled white wine or bright cocktails based on sherry, elderflower wine/liqueur and aquavit.
  • Serve a Swedish smorgasbord of sea food and smoked fish with potato salad.
  • Bake a sponge cake and smother it in cream and summer fruit.
  • As the dusk begins to fall light up your garden with some beautiful exterior lighting.
  • If you have space, have a solstice bonfire. Beat drums, dance and sing to welcome the start of summer. But do think of the neighbours!
The longest day of the year is believed by some to be a time when the veil between the real world and the faery world is at its thinnest. It’s a time of strange and mystical happenings. Why not have a fairy-themed party – or if you’re feeling a bit more grown up and cultured, what about a Shakespeare theme based on A Midsummer Night’s Dream?

    18 Jun 2018

    More chances to win!

    We have extended the closing date for the survey into house-buying that we are running with leading media organisations.

    Searching for a new home

    You now have until 30 July to let us know what you think about houses and housebuilders – and to put your name into a draw to win £500.

    We have created an online questionnaire here ( to capture the thoughts and experiences of people who have bought – or who are trying to buy – a new home.

    It takes less than ten minutes to complete and, as an incentive to take part, we are offering a £500 prize to one lucky winner. People who are willing to take part in a brief follow-up telephone survey will be entered into a second draw for an additional £500 prize.

    Larkfleet Homes CEO Karl Hick said: “We are keen to hear from anyone currently searching for a new house or who has purchased a new house in the past twelve months.

    “Whether your search and purchase involved a brand-new home or an established property, and whether you looked at a Larkfleet home or not, your views will help to shape the way we meet the needs of home buyers in the future.”

    17 Jun 2018

    Summer with a swing - go to a festival

    festival season Larkfleet Homes
    Festival season is on us. From now through to the end of September up and down the UK people are attending festivals of all kinds. There is a festival for just about every interest.

    Festivals for the family
    Geronimo Festival at Knebworth House 30 June-1 July – is billed as the ‘ultimate family festival in the UK’ according to its organisers.
    The line-up includes many children’s TV favourites including Justin Fletcher, Cook and Line, Mr Bloom, Katy Ashworth and Sid & Rebecca. There are all kinds of events to keep everyone entertained. Watch jousting knights, a stunt show and the Rajasthan Superstars among all manner of other attractions. Check out the festival website here for more information and tickets 

    Cornbury Music Festival 13-15 July – It’s an open-air party with plenty of free activities for the kids. Its designed with the whole family in mind. In addition to top-notch music from bands like Squeeze and UB40, Si King and Dave Myers – The Hairy Bikers – will be laying on a feast and the Kids Zone includes circus skills, arts and crafts, yoga, den building and various shows. Visit the Cornbury website for more info and tickets

    Latitude 12-15 July – is a music and arts festival held near Southwold in Suffolk. Now in its 12th year, the festival is designed for the whole family. There are areas for younger kids and teens as well as an enchanted garden and activities for schools. The festival has won awards for Best Family Festival and Best Family Day Out in the past. For tickets and info visit

    Valley Fest 3-5 August – where the kids can run wild. This family friendly festival in the Chew Valley just south of Bristol has lots of great music, good food and entertainment for everyone. Here is more information about what’s on and where to buy tickets. 

    For more info and wide range of family friendly festivals visit

    Festivals for older people
    Some us might prefer festivals where there aren’t lots of young kids running around. Here are a few to consider.

    Stour Music 2018 22 June-1 July – a festival of early music for the classical fan. Visit for details.

    Burton Agnes Jazz and Blues festival 13-15 July – Visit for the full line-up, tickets and info.

    Henley-on-Thames Festival 11-15 July – Plenty of art, music and comedy is on offer. It's a place to soak up the atmosphere and be entertained whilst experiencing a vibrant programme from pop to world music, classical to jazz, blues to ‘street’ musicians, where art, comedy and gastronomy share equal billing with music. There is a dress code. It’s strictly black-tie for the men and evening wear, long or short, for the women. For more details visit

    There are lots of festivals on up and down the country, so you’re bound to find something to suit.

    There are also many special interest festivals that cover all manner of hobbies and pastimes such as vintage cycling, cars and motorcycles or mountaineering.

    15 Jun 2018

    Enjoying the perfect picnic

    Larkfleet Homes perfect picnic
    As the Spring gives way to summer lots of us at Larkfleet like to get out and about in the beautiful countryside to enjoy nature and a lovely picnic.

    There’s nothing more enjoyable on a summer’s day than a picnic by a babbling stream, grassy meadow or by a shady wood.

    But what makes a great picnic for all the family to enjoy? There’s plenty of food on offer at the supermarket that can make excellent picnic fayre. Most supermarkets have wide ranges of picnic food including sandwiches, quiches and cold pies, deli cooked meats and dips, crisps, snacks, sweets, desserts and drinks.

    The choice is bewildering, but it’s all about getting the food combinations right. The classic British picnic would include things like Scotch eggs and sausage rolls with condiments such as mustard.

    What about a shredded, slow-cooked ham hock in a jerk sauce served with crusty bread? Take some freshly dressed salad in tightly sealed containers. These will go well with any cold cuts, pies or fish that you feel like serving.

    Desserts could include the classic Eton mess. Take along a whole meringue, or buy smaller individual ones, take cream and fruit and smash them up into cups to create individual desserts.

    Take some wine or cold beers and something soft for the kids and you have the makings of a perfect afternoon in the great outdoors.

    You’re going to need something to carry all your goodies in. Outlets like Go Outdoors and Cotswolds Outdoor have ranges of picnic sets and blankets and the seasonal sections at most of the major supermarkets will have plenty of picnic gear available.

    Just get out there in the summer sun and enjoy the weather while it lasts.

    And if there is time in your schedule for the day, why not fit in a trip to a show home? Well, we would say that, of course!